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Coloured_Life ♥

promote the comm!

Under the cut you will find banners you can use to promote!
Below each banner there is an easy to use code that you can just copy and paste!

» Every member is more than welcome to make banners and send me the link, so I can edit the list that it will grow and grow and grow :)
» Standard sizes are 375x175 px or 300x150 px but you can also do another one.
» You can make banners with any pic you like! You´ll find some really good examples here at landofart
» If anybody of you have a good idea to make the promo text more interesting, please tell me!

And now have fun while pimping =)

by coloured_life

by coloured_life

by coloured_life

by coloured_life

by candyconiac

by mark_pierre
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