Coloured_Life ♥ (coloured_life) wrote in fandom20in20,
Coloured_Life ♥

some notes about the future

Since an_ardent_rain is still very busy, I will moderate the community alone.

So I hold that all of you have noticed the new layout I´ve choosen. I hope you like it, I do ;)
And all tags are up-to-date, with a new order in it. So if you post a new icon entry, please tag like the following example:

participant: your username, round: 06, submission: round 06

Yeah... I still have some ideas about the community, what we can change or ad to it.

What we´r already doing is to switch between themend and non-themed rounds.
I think that´s a good deal, to give fresh inputs about making icons for different fandoms, people, etc.
By the way what do you think about stock icon rounds?

I also will post a absolutley "new challenge" within the next two weeks,
so that the community will get a little bit more personal =)

If you have any ideas or suggestions about the community, please tell me!
I´m open for (nearly) everything! =)


Tags: .comm: mod post, .comm: suggestions

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